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"I am on a mission to provide healthy, well cooked meals with any dietary restrictions or needs, from nightly meals to special family events, maybe I can teach you some of my tricks along the way, lets cook"!




Let's Make Dinner Fun Again!

Chef  Services

With over 30 years of Professional Chef experience, working in some of Denver's best restaurants, I am able to prepare everyday family meals to Plated formal dinners to casual dining, all restaurant quality meals. I will design and prepare creative diversified meals for your family, according to your dietary needs, served in the comfort of your own home.  In addition to personal chef services, I can also assist with parties, events, and romantic dinners.

  • Shop for groceries on a budget

  • Design creative meal plans within nutritional needs

  • Follow proper and safe food handling, Storage and reheating

  • Plate and serve meals

  • Provide clients with simple reheating or preparation instructions

  • Clean kitchen cooking area and store utensils and cooking equipment

  • Organize meal dishes to Dishwasher

  • Keep up-to-date on culinary trends and techniques

  • Maintain safe food-Storage handling

  • 5 hr. min/ $30 an hour/ 30$ an hour Custom events*

  • Fun kids meals/ Parties

  • Restaurant consulting

**Payments can be made through: Venmo or Personal Check

I offer personal cooking classes, that include everything from meal planning and preparation to cooking the perfect dish!

Please Contact us for Pricing

303 519 4944

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